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Endless Gold Ball Chain


Endless Gold Color 2.4mm Ball Chain

What is an Endless Ball Chain? An Endless Chain is a chain without a clasp. Note that the photo shows no clasp. The chain is a continuous chain with no clasp, no opening. Commemorative Dog Tag has endless ball chains with #3 ball - 2.4mm ball size or 3/32 inch balls. This is a special plating process and not a paint or coating. This is not real gold but a gold plating. Our gold chains will hold up and last a long time. We offer our Endless Gold Ball Chains in many stock sizes 24, 27, 30, 32, and 34 inches and you can order any custom length you might need, 2-1/2" is about the smallest endless loop we can make. If you need a custom length, please email us (Click). You will hear the term drop loop when working with endless ball chains. Drop loop refers to the distance between loops. The Drop Loop distance is usually 1/2 the distance of the total chain length. The length we display is the distance from the first ball to the last ball if the chain was cut and laid out in a straight line or the total chain length. Most jewelry chains and our chain lengths are referenced by the total length when cut and laid out straight. Our continuous ball chain gives your chain and dog tag a cleaner more stylist look. Plus your hair will not get caught in the ball chain claps.

Ordering is Simple

Click on the Stock SIZE you need, then click the Add To Cart Button. The size is the total length from the first ball to the last ball. This is also the standard method for measuring all jewelry chains. Custom sizes can be ordered by Emailing Us Your Request. (Click)


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