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Commemorative Dog Tags

Custom Dog Tags
Milttary and Fire Fighter Dog Tags & more

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Dog Tag Accessories and More

Dog Tag Accessories

Dog Tag Accessories

We have a full line of dog tags accessories. Our Dog Tag Accessories include Nickel Plated Ball Chains, Gold Plated Ball Chains and Black Plated Ball Chains. Our ball chains are plated, 30 inches long and are some of the best on the market. Our ball chains are 2.4mm-#3 balls, 3/32 diameter, the same size used by the military. We also have a great closed link chain 27 inch Stainless Steel link chain (chain is closed and does not a clasp). We have Dog Tag Blanks, Split Key Rings, Silicone Dog Tag Silencers in 28 Colors, and Camouflage Dog Tags and Caomouflage Silencers. Several sizes and styles of Jump Rings which are used to hold the dog tag flat when wearing on a chain or key ring.

Accessories-Chains, Key Rings, Jump Rings

Stainless Steel No Clasp Chain

Stainless Steel Link Chain

Stainless Steel Link Chain, Endless

Nickel Plated Ball Chain

Nickel Plated Ball Chain

Nickel Plate Ball Chains 30" Long

Gold Plated Ball Chain

Gold Ball Chain 30" Long

Gold Ball Chains

Black Plated Ball Chain

Black Plated Ball Chain

Black Ball Chains 30" Long

Dog Tag Velvet Bags

Red, Blue, Black Velvet Bags

Velvet Bags for Dog Tags

1" Split Key Ring

Split Key Ring

See Our Split Key Rings 1" Diameter

1-1/2" Split Key Ring

Split Key Ring 1-1/2 Diameter

Large Split Key Rings

3/8" Jump Rings

Jump Rings

3/8" Jump Rings

1/2" Bronze Jump Ring

Bronze Jump Ring

1/2" Brass Jump Ring

1/2" Rectangular Jump Ring

Rectranglar Jump Ring

Rectangular Jump Ring

1/4" Rectangular Jump Ring

Rectrangular Jump Ring

Small Rectrangular Jump Ring

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