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Commemorative Dog Tags
Military and First Reponders
Custom Engraved Dog Tags, Challenge Coins and more

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Commemorative Dog Tags

Commemorative Dog Tags

Largest Selection of
Military Dog Tags • 1st Responders Dog Tags
Custom Engraved with Your Text or Message

- A Message in Metal - A Lifetime of Memories -

Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Commemorative Dog Tags sells Stock and Custom Military Dog Tags


Aluminum Dog Tags • Stainless Steel Dog Tags • Camouflage Dog Tags • Nickel Plated Dog Tags • Gold Plated Dog Tags

Military Key Chains • Military and Fire Fighter Car Emblems • Challenge Coins • Money Clips • K9 Dog Tags • Fire Fighter Dog Tags

Spiritual Dog Tags • Bottle Openers • Female/Lady Dog Tags • Lapel Pins • Flag Case Plaques and lots more.

Custom Work & Designs available. We can make hundreds. We can make just one. Email us with your request

Laser Engraving in quantity of 100+ available, Request by Email

Aluminum Military Dog Tags

We stock Aluminum Dog Tags for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corp, Coast Guard and 1st Responders

Our Aluminum Dog Tags are covered with a clear epoxy and comes with a black silencer, jump ring and regulation size 2.4mm ball chain.

We have Spiritual Dog Tags, Iraqi Freedom, Vietnam Veterans, Purple Heart Dog Tags.

We Engraved your Special Message or Text on the back.

Aluminum Miltiary Dog Tag


Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Stainless Steel Military  Dog Tags

Military and Firefighter Stainless Steel Line of Dog Tags

See our full line of Stainless Steel Dog Tag including our Premium Highly Polished .070 thick Tags

Our Premium Stainless Steel Dog Tags Come in 5 Colors,

Polished Stainless, Gold Stainless, Blue Stainless, Black Stainless and Multi Color Stainless

We Can Engraved your Special Message or Text on the back. Custom Work Available

Military Money Clips
Fire Fighter Money Clips

Military and Firefighter Money Clips

Military Key Chains
Fire Fighter Key Chains

Military and FireFighter Key Chains

Military Car Emblems
Fire Fighter Car Emblems

Military Car Emblems

Female Dog Tags / Lady Dog Tags

Female Dog Tags

Female Dog Tags are about one-quarter the size of a standard regulation size dog tags .

See our Pink Series of Female Dog Tags.
Our Female Dog Tags can be custom engraved with your special text or message.

See our Military Female Dog Tags here

Dog Tag Blanks - Make Your Own Custom Dog Tag

We carry many style blanks in stock for Custom Dog Tags

Camouflage Dog Tags Blanks- Aluminum Dog Tags Blanks- Stainless Steel Dog Tag Blanks

Nickel Plated Dog Tags Blanks- Gold Plated Dog Tag Blanks and Fire Department Logo Blanks.

Custom Work & Designs Available. We will even make just one!

Click Here to see our selection of Blanks

Dog Tags Blanks

Featured Products

Coast Guard Dog Tags Stainless Steel
USCG Racing Stripe Dog Tag
Ukraine Stainless Dog Tag
Ukraine Dog Tags
Navy Dog Tags
Navy Chief Dog Tags
Smokey Bear
Smokey the Bear
K9 Memorial Dog Tag
K9 Corp Dog Tag
USMC Dog Tags
Marine Corp Stainless Dog Tag
Gold FireFighter Dog Tag
Fire Department Dog Tags

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